Janny Wurts, The Master of White Storm (1992)

Janny Wurts co-authored a reportedly great trilogy (with Raymond Feist) and wrote an intriguing series of her own, among other things. I want to read more Feist before Empire Trilogy, and I have too many long series waiting in my reading queue, so I decided to spend one Audible credit on The Master of White Storm, a standalone novel from 1992. Read by excellent Simon Prebble.


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Raymond Feist, Janny Wurts, Empire Trilogy (1987–1992)

Feist_Wurts_EmpireRaymond Feist is a fantasy author best known for his Riftwar saga – an epic fantasy cycle telling the story of a war between two worlds. The saga is set on Midkemia – a world very much like medieval Europe, or, to be more precise, like Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Midkemia is a brutal rip-off of Tolkien’s world, but Middle-earth is definitely a very strong inspiration for Feist. The world of Midkemia is basically feudal Europe, with plenty of castles, keeps, villages and cities, but most of all full of forests and roads – long and winding – leading through them. It’s populated mainly by people, sure, but also by dwarves and elves, trolls and goblins, dragons and magicians.

My first encounter with Feist was, paradoxically, not through any installment in the original Riftwar saga (starting with a classic Magician), but with a spin-off of sorts, a trilogy set on the other side of the magical rift – on the world of Kelewan. The Empire Trilogy, as it’s called, was the effect of collaboration between two writers: Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts. Wurts is a fantasy artist (she makes covers for her own books) and a writer in her own right, albeit much less popular than Feist – the Empire Trilogy remains her most popular work to date.

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