Chuck Wendig, Blackbirds (2012)

WARNING! Inappropriate words were used to create this review. A few of them. If you worry about stuff like that, do no read it. And, for f*k’s sake, keep away from the book, it’s waay worse in that regard.

One of my favourite Angry Robot covers. And a book that didn’t convince me.

Seriously though, covers of the series are great:

Urban fantasy with protagonist named Miriam, anti-heroine cursed with magical power of being able to accurately predict both time and circumstances of death of anybody she touches. This turned her into a cynical vulture robbing freshly deceased for living. She swears a lot, drinks even more, engages in risky dalliances and generally tries hard to be as unpleasant and annoying as possible. And my God is she saucy…

Ashley: You are one crafty little cunt, aren’t you?
Miriam: Nice. You go down on your mother with that mouth?

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