Silva rerum (5) feat. computer games

It is a very slow summer here at Re-enchantment. And now, with my new super-powerful PC I’m finally going to play Witcher 3… and Total War: Warhammer, two video games that made me spend… way too much money on a machine I don’t really need for anything else. Open Office & Firefox work on my old laptop well enough…

I experience genre fiction in several complementary forms. Books might be most important, but movies, tv series, tabletop & video games are also great. For social gatherings tabletop games are just perfect, but when I want to immerse myself in a fantasy world and influence the events (and not only let my imagination go wild with wonderful stories prepared in a static form by writers) – I go for c(omputer)RPGs and strategies.


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Elizabeth Moon, Divided Alliegiance (1988), Oath of Gold (1989)

Ok, so last week I ranted about Halloween and also reviewed Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon. Book I liked very much for reasons then explained. So now, having finished the rest of the Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy, I feel like I should follow up.

I’m not enthusiastic about this task.


2nd and 3rd books are not bad, but slightly disappointing. The warning signs were there, but it could go either way. What happened is a transformation into something similar to good tie-in novels, Pathfinder Tales or classic D&D titles come to mind. Not bad, but not very demanding, mass produced fun for specific target group. In this case I’m in the target group, but after book one I hoped for more.

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Will Wheaton’s Valkana – Tabletop RPG show for beginners and veterans.

RPG, tabletop RPG (we’re not talking about video games here, this is serious stuff 😉 ). Short introductory text is available here. I’ve tried to sell the idea of RPG to many people, many times, sometimes with some success. To me – it’s the highest form of social entertainment. Board games, fun as they are, are only a substitute 😛 Other lesser activities, aren’t worth mentioning here…

But, I don’t want to drone about my favourite pastime. It’s not a big post, there will be another, proper one, soon. I just want to recommend a new youtube series, by an actor and geek celebrity, Will Wheaton (Star Trek, Big Bang T.), from the great Geek & Sundry channel.



Episode One

See, how great an RPG session can be, and do try it yourself, at home. There are games for everyone out there, fantasy, s/f, history, present times, any genre imaginable. It’s fun you share with friends.