L. Sprague de Camp, Lest Darkness Fall (1941)

I’ve read Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court long ago, and I was too young to cherish it. Although, in my defence, it was a very simplified comic book version. Historical fiction fan, I couldn’t appreciate that, while not a faithful depiction of the Middle Ages, nor a realistic speculation on what could have happened if a modern man was thrown into Dark Ages, it was a brilliant satire of late XIX-cent. Well, I missed it then, I honor it now, I put the Yankee on a venerable genre classic bookshelf and I move on. To newer stuff.


Not the latest stuff though, not this time. I’ve written about decent time travel novels in the past, now something from 1941 – L. Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall. Not as classic as 1889 Yankee, and much less ambitious, it’s recommended only for hardcore fans of slightly embarrassing pulp fantasy. Continue reading