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Re-enchantment of the World is a place dedicated above all to books. Books, but also graphic novels, movies, TV series and board games– all those enchanted worlds created in somebody’s imagination and after that living on their own in the minds of their audience.

All our endeavors on this blog are influenced by a group of revered, even if a bit old and world weary, patron saints: Weber, Simmel and Schütz. From time to time they may be turning in their graves, but their impact on our worldviews is indisputable – and we admit it freely and with pride.

“We” means Ola and Piotrek, sometimes Ola vs. Piotrek. This blog is a space for our reviews and discussions centered around fiction in all its shades and aspects, not limited to any genre, but with strong preference towards fantasy/sf. Re-enchantment of the World was a result of a long collaboration in real world – we constantly read, discuss, lend to each other and review books, movies, etc., and eventually we’ve decided to share our views with others as well. The world trembles! 😉

Books are for us something more than only content, their form is very important as well. We read e-books, listen to audiobooks, but to us the most beautiful and valued are the traditional, dead tree books. Put as prizes on solid wooden shelves :). Yes, many trees died to form our book collections, but it was such a good death, and in a good cause, that we find it hard to feel guilty about it ;).

If you’re new here, good place to start might be here – our third anniversary post with some links and summaries… or maybe there, our latest personal post 🙂

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        1. Oh, we gladly welcome review requests – with the caveat of being candid in said reviews 🙂 We believe that if an author reaches out to receive a review of their work, they prefer a constructive critique to bland sugarcoating. So if new authors, YA or otherwise, feel the same way, they’re more than welcome to send their work to us 🙂

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