Something Shiny Sunday – Gyarados!

As promised, today I present you the famous Magikarp evolution – Gyarados! Pretty, mighty, and very red 😀

You can see it’s called a Lucky Pokemon. It’s because it was traded in a Lucky Trade with another trainer. So how this works is that you can trade your Pokemon with other trainers and usually they will have random IVs assigned to them as a result. They can get pretty bad! But in a Lucky Trade you get a Pokemon with IVs no lower than 12/12/12 and as high as 15/15/15, which is the maximum a Pokemon can get. Lucky Trades happen randomly and rarely, and you can’t know about them in advance, only after it happens, but you can also get a Lucky Friend with a fellow trainer with whom you’re on a Best Friend level, and when this happens you get a guaranteed Lucky Trade. So that’s how my friend and I got a Lucky Shiny Gyarados each ;). Lucky Pokemon are also powered up more easily because they require less Stardust. And as shinies are very rare generally, it’s also even rarer to get a shiny with good IVs that’s useful for anything else than flexing in gyms – and that’s where Lucky Trades get really good indeed ;).

18 thoughts on “Something Shiny Sunday – Gyarados!

    1. Right now I have 147 shinies altogether. I very rarely get rid of shinies, even if their ivs are trash – I prefer to keep them for trade ;). Some of them are doubles, from community days mostly – e.g. I have 8 shiny deinos & its evolutions, and 8 shiny alolan geodudes & evolutions.
      How about you?

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      1. Much like you, I never get rid of shinies … except a shiny Pidove that I couldn’t tell was shiny because the sun was making it hard to see on the screen 😦

        Right now, O have 425 shinies. Caught a couple two days back for the first time outside of a community day in ages.

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        1. Oh, wow, that’s a lot! How many spaces do you have?? 😀 And how long have you been playing? This number sounds like something long in the making – or I’m just unlucky 😉
          Also, which community day was your favorite? 😀

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          1. My pokemon storage is 1t 1,935 out of 1,950. I started playing on June 14th 2016 … bit of a long haul.

            Not sure on favourite community day. Although I need dragon pokemon to get the platinum medal. So any with them is my favourite at the minute haha

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