Something Shiny Sunday – Magikarp classic!

This time around, another of classic First Gen Pokemon – Magikarp. A totally useless, defenseless Pokemon that just hopelessly splashes around with its silly open mouth, looking as if it’s going to suffocate any moment now, Magikarp doesn’t really engender any warm feelings. It’s a fish flapping on the ground. It’s been a running joke of the anime and manga for years. Alas… those in the know meticulously catch all of these pathetic Pokemon and collect candy necessary to evolve it (400, not a negligible amount ;)) – because the evolution is no other than mighty Gyarados, one of the most powerful Pokemon of all πŸ˜‰ So here it is, without further ado: shiny Magikarp (Gyarados coming up next week)!

14 thoughts on “Something Shiny Sunday – Magikarp classic!

      1. Now I’m picturing you wading into one of the bays holding your phone as high as you can lol

        But… you probably only got waist deep into a river or something;)

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        1. I can see how this vision would be tempting πŸ˜‚ sorry to disappoint but I generally tend to avoid using my phone near any bodies of water, large or small πŸ˜… 🌊


    1. Yup, Pokemon can be very funny! What I like about it is that it’s really quite creative and the various creatures often correspond to real-life animals and locations. Also, I walk a lot every day and I’m not bored 🀣

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        1. Yeah, I mean there’s limits to where you can get to in a limited time, so you end up taking most of your walks in the same parks and after some time it can get a bit routine πŸ˜‰ Pokemon Go definitely helps with that!

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    1. Yeah, that was one of the shinies I wanted the most! Shinies are so rare it’s at the same time frustrating and, very rarely, rewarding when you finally get one! Eg. through all the raids I did I only got one shiny (and I did more than 200 raids).

      That reminds me I still don’t have your trainer code! Could we exchange them through email or something?


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