Gogeta © S. Gruszczyk

Those of you on Goodreads already know I’ve been bingeing on the Dragon Ball manga lately 😉 I absolutely love the early volumes with kid Goku and Kuririn, the trainings and the Strongest Under the Heavens tournaments, Tenka’ichi Budôkai!

I’m not the only fan of Goku in the family, though – here’s a portrait of Gogeta done by an 11-year-old :D.

42 thoughts on “Gogeta

  1. 11? wow, I can but wish I was that talented… I never got into the DBZ thing. I watched a few episodes, but I think at the time it was airing in S.A, I had already a mind set for different things.

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  2. I’m very happy to see you binge’ing DB nowadays, and especially how much you’re enjoying it! As a huge fan of the franchise growing up, it just puts a smile on my face! 😀 I’d just tell you to stay away from the live-action Holywood adaptation of the movie. It is considered THE worse manga adaptation (maybe even movie) EVER. 😉

    P.S. That’s a stunning piece by that 11-year-old! 😮 Reminds me of when I too was so addicted to the franchise that I drew characters (didn’t colour them though) at that age. My focus was mostly on Trunks though. Not sure if you ran into him yet. 😛

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    1. Man, I already know more than I’d like about Trunks, Gotenks, Frieza and all the rest, even Broly 😛 I think I’m going to stick with the original Dragon Ball, Kid Goku is my absolute favorite! 😀 Well, all right, I admit Zeno is really adorable, too! 🤩

      Yup, no intention of watching THAT! 😂 Or the anime… The five-minutes-long close-ups of angry/sweaty/focused faces are too much for me! 😂

      I only wish Kame Sen’nin was less of a pervert, though – it would make my reading experience even better! To be fair, though, in later volumes there’s less of this, so hopefully it’ll stay this way!

      Thanks! I’ll pass your compliment on! 😀


  3. Very cool. My brother in law loves Dragon Ball and we got him a signed poster by the voice of Goku in the cartoons Sean Schemmel. Unfortunately my brother in law wasn’t around when we got it signed, but Misty and I got to meet him. He was pretty down to Earth.

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    1. Cool! There’s a lot of pop-culture around DB, I learned – mini-figures, posters, even necklaces and stuff 😉 I like the original, 1980’s manga the most, though – it’s really enjoyable and also surprisingly full of some serious martial arts philosophy: humility, drive, focus, self-improvement, etc. – love it!


      1. Really? Man, what form of DB does that take place in? Sounds like something that would be in Dragon Ball Ultra Mega Total Power Alpha Cap
        Not that I was ever a huge fan of DB. I tried watching the abbreviated tv show (DB Kai) and even that had too much filler for me 🙂

        Well, I guess I learned my one thing for the day. If I’m lucky, I can stretch it out all week!

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        1. Hahaha I actually don’t know – I stick to my DB original manga from the 80’s and I’m happy 😀 Not even sure I’ll want to try DBZ manga, where all the characters are grown up.. And I steer clear of the anime.
          Yea, the power creep is full on! 😂😂

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                1. I’m not saying it’s not… But have you tried to watch it recently? When it’s on and I see Whis or Zeno especially 🤩 I feel compelled to watch and I’m rooted to the spot, but when the fights begin I just can’t stand the length of them 😂😂😂


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        1. Congratulations! 😄 I’m a fan only since the last few months, and only of the manga 😂 But Goku is such a positive character I feel I’ll be reading the series for a long time to come and not get bored! 😁

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  5. Ifollowed it from the beginning. That i was able to make my own character i named it altech in super saiyan 4 .i like that an 11 year old draw it like me i am also 11 years and made altech .

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