2. Blog Birthday!

Yesterday was our blog’s 2. birthday. Yay!


212 posts, first few in Polish, the rest in English, most of which were reviews of books, movies, TV series, graphic novels, and games… A bit of musings and a good deal of tributes to the gone masters of the genres, sadly. Add to it hundreds of comments and over 4 000 visitors  – honestly, unexpectedly big numbers both, as the blog was started without any real ambitions of attracting wider audience. But here we are, and we’re grateful! 🙂 Thank you all very much for visiting, sharing, and, in essence – co-creating Re-enchantment of the World!


Two years is a big deal 😉 As any toddler, our blog is gathering speed and, hopefully, wit. Not to mention defiance, it’s the perfect age for the first revolt. Nothing big, but maybe a change or two will appear in due time.

Plus, I could totally use a cake like this :):


courtesy of Divine Cakes, NZ 😉

We hope there’s many more years worth of reviews ahead – and that there will always be more books worth reading than time to read them :).

Many happy reads, everyone!

Piotrek: I like what the blog did to my reading habits. I read a bit more, but most of all, I read with reviews in mind, paying more attention, looking for interesting quotes. I buy… about as many books as I always did, but I became a better reader. And it’s nice to share and compare my insights. So, to the chosen few, who pop in here every now and then – thank you!

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