Sherlock, Series Four – Impressions

Life is about choices. Sometimes the choice is between writing a proper blog post and watching entire Series 4 of Sherlock in one go. I’m not sure I made the right one today.

Sherlock is a TV show everybody loves. And not without reason. I had my doubts, but I overcame them, watched Series 1 and it became my favourite piece of modern television. For series 4 we waited 3 years, not counting last year’s special episode. I liked it all.

The latest series… not so much. Episode 1 was ok, two – had brilliant moments, but three… for me, the worst one in the entire show. Considering that it might be the final-final one… sad.

To keep it spoiler free… it felt like the creators of the show were carried away by their success and decided to just give us too much of what we liked before. They should have shown some British restraint. The show is at its best when it’s about interesting cases, that allow us to see intriguing characters. This series was about the characters, with some cases in the background.

Acting is still great. The plots, however… out of better ideas, they decided to give us (spoilers) the third Holmes sibling, crazy genius even more manipulative and dangerous than Moriarty. And they gave Sherlock too many feels.

Screenplay of The Final Problem was contrived and sadistic and I was sitting in front of the TV thinking WTF!? Give me back my Sherlock

Of course, it’s still something everybody should see and we can only hope Series 5 will arrive, sooner or later, and will be better.



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