A few thoughts for the New Year.

Oh, it seems we had quite a break, after last New Year’s Eve post. Some of our authors are skiing, me… I’m reading non-genre lately and none of the earlier reads comes to my mind strongly enough to warrant a review.

There isn’t even any new loot to share, I have three books ordered back in November from Amazon Marketplace I’m still waiting for. I blame post office being overloaded in the Christmas season, but if they don’t arrive next week I’m filing formal complaints.

So, for lack of better things to write about, I’ll make some commitments. With TBR list measured in hundreds, I don’t make very specific reading plans. For 2017 I have two main ideas: more non-fiction, and more classics. I’m stocked up already, I just need to read. For starters – collection of lesser known Kafka, Gravity’s Rainbow, Joseph Campbell, some history…

But one serious, no, three serious series watch me from my bookshelves:

They mock me a little, while I read pulpy classics, and so I swear to read two out of three before the year ends. Starting with Cook, but then… I’ll see. That way, when the world deteriorates even further into chaos, I’ll still have something good going on.

Volume won’t change much, for the last few years I get about 30K pages of reading done each year, and I hope to keep it up for the rest of my life, there is no need to go beyond that.

And since in 2016 I bought almost exactly twice as many books as I’ve read, I’ll try to limit my purchases. Although I will continue completing my Robin Hobb collection… and now I’m screwed, because writing this post made me buy another one.

Well, it’s the first one this year, so I’m still ahead. And it was a bargain.

Happy 2017 🙂 May GRRM finally finish WoW 😉 And may Trump continue be a reliable source of inspiration for comedians, and not future archaeologists investigating the fall of our civilization…

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