Latest loot

Just a few pictures 🙂

When I bought a beautiful one-volume edition of Le Guin’s Hain cycle, to put next to an equally pretty  Earthsea volume, I expressed hope that this selected works of Le Guin will become collected works. And it seems we’re slowly getting there:

A selection of short stories this time and I hope it’s not the end. One time Polish edition beats all the other’s I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe not Folio’s Earthsea, but that one is only the first volume.

Also, said Folio Society printed some more of their excellent Asimovs:

Life is good today, but there will be hell to pay (next time my bank sends me monthly credit card statement 😉 )

3 thoughts on “Latest loot

  1. Nice 🙂 I eyed that latest edition of le Guin’s short forms this weekend, but in the end decided against buying it ;). After all, a few Powers’ books are even now traveling from UK to my home 😉 But Asimov… Am I right that it’s your third edition of those books? :>


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