The Dumbest Country Contest, 2016 edition

I’m actually pretty sure Poland won in 2015 by electing our current Law & (In)justice majority…

io9 prepared a nice presentation for the only contender capable of beating the UK this year…

Or, in the liberal media version:

And Nerdwriter1, showing how crafty – in his stupidity – Trump gets:

(BTW, Nerdwriter1 has many great non-political videos on his channel)

Maybe the wave of stupidity will stop tomorrow? In Poland, L&J could get all the dumb votes, in the US, broad categories of people are highly resistant to Trump’s appeal, by the virtue of not being white middle-aged men…

I’m living in Greenwich +1 time zone and I will probably spend most of the night watching the spectacle.

Lets face it, with Sanders out of the race there is just no alternative to Clinton. Not a single one. John Oliver checked.

On the more serious, post election note… is this the book for our times?


I did not like it as a piece of literature, but it’s about the kind of America that showed it’s disgusting face, not for the first time, but this time – to win. The consequences are hard to imagine.

It’s also the end of America’s soft power. Just the laughingstock of the world from now on.

I hope that people to suffer the most from that catastrophic choice will be Trump’s voters and that they will find themselves even worse off four years from now. But I’m afraid we’re all loosers here.

Sad, sad times.

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