I wish two thing had happened before I started writing yesterday’s post.

  1. Me getting this:

I do not buy autographed special editions from authors’ webpages often, but I wanted something special from Brian McClellan and I couldn’t afford to buy entire trilogy through him – not his fault, mostly because of shipping costs, that’s what happens when you live far away from civilisation. Anyway – this is beautiful, McClellan is doing great job engaging the community and providing fans with extra stuff, do see his page every now and then.

2. Me seeing this:

Found through this.

Joss Whedon talking about many different different things, among them – the difficult relationship between feature film and TV MCU. IO9 post summarises most important points, but entire video is worth watching.

Ola is, I think, rather disappointed with the latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season, I’m not impressed after three episodes, but the whole undertaking is still impressive and, apparently, less coordinated than I hoped for 😉

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