No time for writing, Santa came to town…

Ola: We wish you a very bookish Christmas! 🙂 It’s a family time in Poland, but there’s to hope you’ll also find some time to rest, read and enjoy the spring weather! 🙂 If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then happy Sol Invictus, or any other great festival on the occasion of the season change!

Piotrek: Merry Christmas to everyone it applies to 😉 Have fun, be with your family, enjoy some books and/or other genre media. To everyone else – all the best for your seasonal occasions. The crucial thing is – share the spirit of goodwill, don’t take anything too seriously, if liberal atheists like us can enjoy traditional Christmas, I hope everyone else can at least benevolently ignore it…

There is some Christmas cheer in everybody:

Video-quote from excellent Batman: The Animated Series, Christmas is a great time for a sentimental re-watch, and this is a great series!

I’ve had a plan to make it business as usual, but lets face it, whether one is religious or not, it’s a very special, family time. It’s fun, moving, food is great and you give and receive gifts, but not much time is left for anything else. And this year all the time I can spare is dedicated towards a very noble goal – reading Gaiman’s Sandman: Overture, excellent prequel to the epic & ground-breaking Sandman series. It’s smart, it’s entertaining, it’s beautiful. It’s also a present I got from myself, Amazon package arrived on Christmas Eve 🙂 Nerdwriter recently made an excellent video that adds some depth to your Sandman experience…

And now, to make everyone jealous, two great geeky gifts I received this Christmas that will give me and my friends hours of great time:

1) X-Com: The Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games, 1-4 players game based on famous computer game franchise, in which a goal is to cooperatively defend Earth against an alien (as in – extraterrestrial) invasion. I’ve played a few versions on computer and it was great fun, this board game will greatly enrich my collection. Game comes with an app that you can install on computer or phone, that’s pretty innovative, I’m excited to check how it will work. It also looks great:


2) Legendary: Dark City. This one is an expansion to excellent Legendary: Marvel card game, adding extra 350 cards (to 500 from the base set, which means lots of shuffling 😉 ). Base set was used during several gaming nights, this expansion will add many new scenarios and improve replayability greatly. The game is a kind of co-op, where someone actually wins in the end, but it’s all about the jurney, and defeating Marvel villains together. No two sessions are the same, because great many decks can be created both for good and bad guys and every combinations of heroes and villains gives different challenge for players. Mechanics are slightly improved in newer Legendary: Alien, but the flavour is unbeatable here – Marvel!! In times of MCU, it’s IMO a perfect gift for fans from age 10 up (Manufacturer’s suggested age is 14 and up though).


Yes, well, time to eat some more cake, tomorrow – next round, second day of Christmas…

Ola: Hmm, I can see something I’d like to get next year… 😉 Although I’m happy enough with my set of Marvel comic books published by Hachette 😀

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