More loot…

It’s not my regular post, one will be posted around Sunday, as usual. But I wanted to share my conviction that Poland has not only the best edition of complete Earthsea, but also of the Hainish Cycle.


So, now I’m a proud owner of a beautiful set of LeGuin’s Selected Works of sorts, hopefully they will continue and it will become Collected Works one day 🙂

And I’ve bought it in a brick&mortar bookshop… completely by accident, I was just passing by and a display caught my attention… not at all how I buy books these days, I consider bookshops to be too dangerous to my wallet. Impulse buying is usually not my style, but:

Worth it!

Inside: Rocannon’s World, Planet of Exile, City of Illusions, The Left Hand of Darkness, The Word for World is Forest, The Dispossessed.

I have other, uglier editions of most of them, but I definitely needed this one as well 🙂

Of course, now there is Folio edition of the first Eartsea book, and I’ll get it one day, but they’ve only published this one, so far.

Also, to add one more link to the ongoing literature vs. genre debate, a short text from the Guardian, not groundbreaking, but nice. Conclusion, as in all of them that aren’t wrong 😉 is – there’s no point in building walls and false distinctions…

2 thoughts on “More loot…

  1. Very nice! It’s pretty cool they actually make a whole series of it – now I’ll have to buy them too 😉 Btw, A Wizard of Earthsea is our current read-aloud book 😉


    1. piotrek

      Great! My first contact with Le Guin was way too late…

      Two volumes look great together, I had to make some serious changes on the bookshelves, but I’ve found them a proper place next to Tolkien, Lewis and White…


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