The Average Earnings of Authors

Food for thought for all those who dream of a writer’s career – if you’re in it for the money, think again 😉

A Writer's Path



It is a frequent occurrence in the news to hear about authors cutting multi-million (or even billion) dollar book or movie deals. Famous examples of ridiculously successful authors, such as J.K. Rowling, E. L. James, and Stephen King, often lead people to think that becoming an author will undoubtedly lead to an equally as lucrative outcome. However, it turns out that the average author makes much, much less.

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2 thoughts on “The Average Earnings of Authors

  1. Oh, so writing is not an easy way to get rich? Well, I’m not really surprised 😉 More people than ever are writing and, until one gets super – successful, quitting one’s day job is nor recommended…. but good luck to all wannabe writers out there 🙂


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